Aggressive Blocking

I pretty much HATE blocking.  Of course I always do it and love the effect on my knitted work.  It's such an amazing transformation from fuzzled curly mess to something you would actually want to wear. I've been blocking today and seeing as it was fairly early in the morning I didn't stick on a … Continue reading Aggressive Blocking


Update: trying to get some pics of my repurposed top

The worst part of making my own clothes is trying to get pictures of them in action. I have stopped believing that I am unphotogenic.  Taking good pictures is a skill and you have to work at it - on both sides of the camera.  I don't think I'd ever thought it was worth my … Continue reading Update: trying to get some pics of my repurposed top

Leftovers… how about some upcycling!

Despite having cut the most enormous trousers ever from my beautiful batik fabric, I have some left over. Let's get upcycling!     I have three of these milkmaid blouse/t-shirts hanging about in my cupboard and I NEVER wear them because I HATE elasticated puff waists.  The 'muffin-top' silhouette is not something I am trying … Continue reading Leftovers… how about some upcycling!