Update: trying to get some pics of my repurposed top

The worst part of making my own clothes is trying to get pictures of them in action.

I have stopped believing that I am unphotogenic.  Taking good pictures is a skill and you have to work at it – on both sides of the camera.  I don’t think I’d ever thought it was worth my while even finding out what kind of effort might be required.

milk maid top

Trying to learn how to do this when your priority is getting a decent focus on your lace pattern or the drape and fit of a garment and your photographer is trying to take a picture of your face is difficult.  And getting a decent picture of your face is hard enough when you are pretty much squirming with embarrassment and your photographer is shouting ‘hold still!’ with genial rage.

Trying to look relaxed!
Trying to look relaxed!

I’ve got wet scraped back hair and no make-up (can’t be arsed in August) and we’re just running out the door to meet our friends and a borrowed dog in the park.  But actually the time constraint is probably the way to go.  The Boy seems to think I look lovely all the time so these occasions frequently descend into a spiky ‘discussion’ of how he could possibly think that was the best picture we could get of project ‘x’.

For good measure we have some pictures of my striped Noro yarn shawl – the pattern is ‘Pussy Willow’ by Mia Rinde published in Twist Collective.

Pussy willow mad eyepussy willow face

here is the old trade off between trying to get a picture of the finished garment and trying to find a picture where you’re not doing the mad-eyed weird woman thing.

I love this pattern so much that I had to make another one in a plain yarn soon after (more on that soon!).  But this one has plenty of cotton and some silk in it so it’s not bad for a summer evening in the park.


Oh go on then, here’s the dog:

His name is Pember and that's not a lead it's the quarry in the best game ever.  Clearly Pember's all about the yarn too.
His name is Pember and that’s not a lead it’s the quarry in the best game ever. Clearly Pember’s all about the yarn too.

Now that’s what I call photogenic!


He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.

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