Ouch! Painful Japanese sewing adventures.

I have a very different relationship with sewing to the one I have with knitting.  I've written before about the soothing calming experience of slow knitting under a toasty warm jumper as it grows.  Sewing is in contrast, well, painful! Knitting I just sort of gel with.  Mistakes are undone and reworked with minimal grief … Continue reading Ouch! Painful Japanese sewing adventures.

Jai is for Jeillyfash

I've had a bit of a technological disaster of late.  My faithful computron, bought in 2008, finally went to the gadget graveyard.  It was on its second hard drive and hobbling along, wheezing, while it tried to keep up with the flashy decorations on websites these days and the emotional blackmail from sad google robot. … Continue reading Jai is for Jeillyfash