The amazing deconstructing reconstructing ‘T’ Dress!

I have been making progress on my Japanese sewing adventures.  Mainly thanks to the (now nearly blunt) unpicker which came with my sewing machine which (rather pointedly!) has ‘JAPAN TECHNIX’ stamped into its shaft.

Japan Technix! For Japanese unpicking.
Japan Technix! For Japanese unpicking.

It has been a learning experience.  But now clipping and flipping is in my neckline toolkit.  It’s probably a lot easier when you do the sewing BEFORE the clipping.  But no harm done.  I’m much happier un-knitting than ripping out stitches but on thick cotton like this it doesn’t seem to have done much damage.  Woven fabrics are really entirely made up of holes and if you give them a decent iron before you stab them full of stitches they seem to recover.


JOY! It looks like the picture! And no one got thrown out the window.

The top stitching was of course a different story.  I unpicked once and then thought – sod it!  If I attempt this dress again I will practise that curved seam line on paper ten times.  It’s a characterful frock anyway so a few more ‘one of a kind’ features won’t hurt.  It functions at least.  And I am much happier with the variegated bright green thread I used this time.  It matches better with the acid green and yellows of the batik fabric than the dark green I matched to the background of the William Morris print.


I came back to this dress after a double hiatus.  Firstly a psychological distancing before I tore the whole thing up.  I had attached the skirt (and made pockets!) before I figured the thing out – what can I say, I guess I’m very ‘special’ when it comes to sewing.  Then after sewing the neck seam correctly and pinning the thing down onto the bodice I had to whisk myself away to London.  While in Walthamstow, I managed to pop into the William Morris Gallery – always inspiring: politically as well as aesthetically.  And came back to Aberdeen with a few days left off work to have another run at the dress.


Despite all the chaos and wonky top stitching I am dead excited!  Just shoulder seams and the hem to go…


He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.

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