Big Green!

I have been in hibernation mode. I have been making things but mostly gifts and this usually leads to bad pictures taken in haste before I bundle them into the post to arrive for a deadline. My Japanese baby blanket being a case in point.


I would love to show you a little Idris inside but I don’t know when I’ll next make it down south to meet him. I hope the ends stay put. I think I should have been a little more determined with them and knotted each ball change rather than just weaving them in. It’s still amazingly shiny but I was surprised by the crispiness that got into the yarn after blocking it out. Not as rough at the corners as cotton can be but not as fluid as pre-blocking. Margaret said – well it’s a tree isn’t it! – so I suppose the bamboo is doing its thing. Still very slinky though with this lace pattern – the odd stitch count error definitely emerged but it seems to have flowed into the pattern okay with my little fudges here and there.




The other project I’ve completed recently is The Boy’s jumper! But I think I’m going to have to have another go at the sleeves. After blocking they really shrank lengthways. Pretty pictures though. It looks alright with his (handmade by himself!) shirt sleeves poking out the end but catching his wrists and forearm flashing at me the other day I thought – I can’t leave that! It looks chilly!

Shame about those sleeves! But it is such a lovely shirt.

The pattern is Isabell Kraemer’s Daelyn Pullover  which has some simple touches embellishing a conventional top down raglan jumper.  Short row shaping over the shoulders and hips and some slight variation in the raglan increases make for a well tailored shape and the style lines separating the textured garter stitch back and sleek stocking stitch front panels give it character.  There’s a women’s version too so I might have a go at one for myself one day.


I’m not entirely happy with how I worked this up.  Aside from the sleeves I’m not entirely sure about the length of the body.  I’m worried the continuing decreases on the front panel have come in too far and it is slightly off balance.  I wasn’t terribly sure about the measurements as I was knitting – before blocking there was a big difference between the length of the garter stitch back and the stocking stitch and Troon Tweed has a tendency to shrink in ways I can’t predict.  Substituting yarn is always an adventure.


Aside from running out of WIPs in my knitting bag and having a wedding shrug/cardigan/shawl question looming (for some reason the Imperial March starts playing in my head as I type this!), I got some fabric for my birthday and I have got as far as drawing out the pattern for dress ‘R’ in The Stylish Dress Book 1.  I only have two metres is the trouble so I’m restricting myself to a short smock.  I think the pale greys and blues will look quite floaty and lovely on their own and will be subtle – for a dress covered in cute sheep!

Prints for the knitter who has lost her yarny inspiration at present.

I was toying with the idea of smock ‘B’ but I think the garibaldi sleeves will get away from what I want which is really a summery cool floaty simple smock top that will sit nicely under a cardi.  So ‘R’ dress it is with shortened sleeves…


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