Botany Lace? BO’tony LACE?! Oh NO!

Botany Lace is actually delightful but this lovely little cable and lace shawl – ‘Dovana’ by Ysolda Teague (she of the wonderful and perfect Orchid Thief) – has always prompted involuntary Chekov impersonations and sometimes looped viewings of the Botany Bay scene from Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.

I’d been wanting a yellow textured knit to go with my navy BIG coat for some time and so Margaret birthday treated me to the beautiful Arucania Botany Lace yarn in a one off colourway which Debbie Bliss (knit designer now adopted by my home town of Walthamstow) had something to do with.  The shade is both zingy-and-not-zingy enough to not be sunshine yellow or banana yellow or butter yellow but isn’t shading too far into the citrus green or wheatfield beige.  Yellow is a difficult colour and, aside from the touch of mustard for the colourwork in my Ásta Sóllilja, I’ve always been afraid of it.

Scary textured yellow knits! I say, Khan, what intimidating cleavage you have.

Both Khan Noonien Singh and Pavel Chekov are bringing out the big guns when it comes to rocking the yellow (Khan especially with those BIG guns! – I was quite taken with the plunging ribbing of his costume in Star Trek II and his federation badge here looking like he’s ripped it off a BMW).  Yellow was always Khan’s colour:

A youthful Khan in his pointedly ‘ethnic’ jacket. Lovely bit of embroidery there (Shame Chekov wasn’t actually around at this point in the Original Series to even see it!)

And I think this is to echo the superiority and arrogance of the genetically engineered super human – he needs to be wearing the captain’s colour (which although technically kinda lime green looks pretty much gold on camera – yellow has always been a complicated colour!).  And back in the Original Series order of things – Yellow is for leadership and Red is for Red Shirts (cannon fodder) and engineering (back stage, spanner wielding, under the bonnet type crew members).

Ohhhh MY!:  Isn’t it wonderful, Mr Sulu, we’re GOLDEN boys!

And this contributes to the portrayal of Khan’s inability to let go of the past.  He’s still rocking the golden original series captain fashions (complete with stretchy sweaters and buxom boobage) whilst the now ADmiral Kirk and the rest of the original team have moved onwards and upwards (and possibly sideways too) with Red being the new colour of authority and now not even engineering are in mustard yellow in big screen Star Trek world.

What?! No one sent ME the memo!

This was birthday yarn so that’s a November 2016 start and Ravelry tells me that I finished the knitting part in January.  But the whole redundancy circus and post festive blues – not to mention the marked lack of movement from the sofa – meant that it has been living inside the bag of shame. But it’s out now…

You can see the shaping here where the extra increases written into the pattern make it curve round the neck faster for a neckerchief shawl that doesn’t give too much bulk around the back neck.

I think I’ve knit this up at a wee bit too loose a gauge: 19sts 32rows on 3.75mm needles.  I was a bit concerned that the shawl would end up too small around the long edge as some knitters have found.  And a loose gauge can be nice for a floaty shawl but I think I’ve lost some definition on the cables which just aren’t smooshy enough.

Lovely fluid loose knit 4ply.

But it’s still lovely with good definition on the twisted stitches and a nice drape.  I need to knit some mitts to match.

Sunday selfie: …I might still be in day pyjamas… Also bloody Scottish summer! Scarves and lamps on in the middle of the afternoon…

Because remember: “…it is very cold in spaaaaaaace…” (you should probably cover yourself up, Khan love, you’ll catch your death!)


He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.

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