The Deadline Dress

August has been busy in the Edinburgh house and the craft room was mostly occupied with guests coming to stay for the festival.  Aside from this I haven't actually managed to unpack the sewing machine after the move - and worryingly the plastic casing seems to have taken a bit of a knock in transit … Continue reading The Deadline Dress


Autumn Days

The clocks have skipped back over to Greenwich Mean Time. This weekend, before the nights began closing in in earnest and after a night of hammering rain, the clearest calmest last evening of sunshine impelled me and The Boy to get out to watch the light on the sea. I haven't been very eager to get … Continue reading Autumn Days

Troglodytes troglodytes

Since coming up to Scotland I've become something of a bird watcher.  As a result my (very short) run of homemade Christmas cards this year were inspired by the tiny puff ball of a thing that skulks around our patio - troglodytes troglodytes, or the common wren. We saw much more of this bird in … Continue reading Troglodytes troglodytes