Hug a hoodie! Capucine/Capuchin/Capuchon

It's been I while.  I can't believe it's Ash Wednesday already.  Pancakes were had last night for Shrove Tuesday including some really quite fabulous savoury pancakes from our trusty vegan cook book 'Peace and Parsnips' by Lee Watson.  Although I'm afraid the pancake part was just the usual half a pint of cow juice, 1 … Continue reading Hug a hoodie! Capucine/Capuchin/Capuchon


Colour therapy

I don't really think of myself as a person who swathes herself in bright colours and for the most part, aside from the odd strong green or burgundy corduroy, that is the case in my wardrobe.  But when I start taking pictures of my current knitting or sewing projects I realise that I am surrounded … Continue reading Colour therapy