Merry Christmas!

There are so many things I have been wanting to write about but I have been a Christmas misery this year.  For the first time in my life I had to work Christmas day.  I LOVE Christmas. But this year the run up to it just kept on reminding me that I would spend the … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

The amazing deconstructing reconstructing ‘T’ Dress!

I have been making progress on my Japanese sewing adventures.  Mainly thanks to the (now nearly blunt) unpicker which came with my sewing machine which (rather pointedly!) has 'JAPAN TECHNIX' stamped into its shaft. It has been a learning experience.  But now clipping and flipping is in my neckline toolkit.  It's probably a lot easier … Continue reading The amazing deconstructing reconstructing ‘T’ Dress!

Ouch! Painful Japanese sewing adventures.

I have a very different relationship with sewing to the one I have with knitting.  I've written before about the soothing calming experience of slow knitting under a toasty warm jumper as it grows.  Sewing is in contrast, well, painful! Knitting I just sort of gel with.  Mistakes are undone and reworked with minimal grief … Continue reading Ouch! Painful Japanese sewing adventures.